Corrosion is a process that showcases the deterioration and loss of material.


The thing to note here is that the material experiencing corrosion is losing some of its properties due to electrochemical reactions.


It’s a natural process that tends to convert refined metals to a chemically stable form. Corrosion is widely known for gradually destroying materials simply due to the interaction with the environment.


If you want to get rid of it, then you have to focus on corrosion engineering principles.


In its most common form, Corrosion means electrochemical oxidation of metals when they react with sulfur or oxygen. Rusting is a great example of corrosion, and it’s caused by the formation of iron oxides. This is a type of damage that produces salts and oxides on the original metal. That’s why you can find a distinct coloring on it.


corrosion in pipes

However, you can find corrosion in the case of other materials too. Polymers also have to deal with corrosion, so can ceramics as well. But in this case, this is more of a degradation process.


A thing to note here is that most of the structural alloys will corrode just because they are exposed to the air moisture. However, the process can also be affected due to exposure to other substances too. It usually forms in a crack or a pit, and then it can easily extend to the entire metal surface. However, it often does not spread uniformly, which is a thing to take into consideration.


If you want to avoid corrosion issues, it’s important to reduce the activity that happens on the exposed surface. This includes prevention methods like protective coatings and cathodic protection.


Electrical currents can be used to create passive films on metals that don’t have them. As a result, the metal will be protected against corrosion. Some metals can also be protected via passivating or electroplating. These are also very efficient against corrosion, and can help you get some tremendous results. As you can see, corrosion is very problematic, but it can be professionally removed.